😊 Scott Martin @ 2019-05-21 20:05:34
The geezers behind me here at the airport are talking about microsatellite launch facilities going up near them in deep northern Maine. "It's the perfect place to achieve polar orbit," one notes. Current mood: Galactic Milieu, stage 1.1. (Would be 1.2 but nobody is singing in Acadian French.) Also how about that Game of Thrones? Stremlin notes that nobody paid off the Bank. They weren't even invited to the oligarch tent.
Having some SPAM-flavored macadamia nuts while watching the GoT finale, because if they don't give a shit why should I?
Watching HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries. Realizing how blissfully ignorant I was.
😊 Brian Ashford @ 2019-05-19 21:10:04
I'm posting this here in response to a short conversation on Twitter with Andrew Bartlett. It's too big for a tweet chain and a bit random for my blog. If you like reading about game mechanics and Fighting Fantasy though, you are in luck. Years ago I helped playtest Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Edition. 1st ed had some definite issues but I didn't think 2nd went far enough in fixing them. What follows is my solution for making AFF fun, while keeping it compatible with all the old gamebooks and Out of The Pit. The biggest problem I had with the multiplayer implementations of Fighting Fantasy is the Skill stat. Small differences in Skill make massive differences in character capabilities. A single stat rateing ability in all task worked fine for a solo gamebook but when one member of a group has a Skill of 8 and another has a Skill of 11, the latter character is literally better at everything, leaving the former player feeling pretty hard done by. AFF 2nd tried to fix this by taking away the random nature of character generation and limiting the possible range of the Skill stat, giving everyone a Skill of 7 or 8 to start (IIRC). This left characters feeling a little samey and still the 8s were better than the 7s. I couldn’t help but think though, is there maybe a tidier, more interesting way of doing this? One of the suggestions which came up during the playtest, was to simply give every character a fixed Skill score of 7, but this would make the Skill stat redundant. Maybe though, if Skill is the problem, making it redundant is a step in the right direction? Put it another way; if Skill is always set at a certain value then it might as well be a target number for tests. So let’s try that, and remove the stat altogether. Instead of trying to roll under Skill +Special Skill on 2d6, lets roll 2d6 + Special Skill and pass on an 8 or higher. This would also let us dump the confusing nomenclature of having a stat called Skill and skills called Special Skills. Now we have gotten rid of the stat and we can call skills, Skills. *2D6+Skill, a roll of 8+ passes.* So that fixes Skill rolls, but that Skill stat was needed for combat too. As written both combatants roll 2d6 + Skill + Special Skill to find their Combat Strength, and the higher CS wins the round and causes damage. If we are now just rolling 2d6+Special Skill then the PC's Combat Strength will be about 9.5 points too low. It turns out that's pretty easy to fix too... 2d6 + Skill vs 2d6 + Skill was the system written for the gamebooks, before Fighting Fantasy had Special Skills, so Advanced Fighting Fantasy PCs were already rolling about 2 points too high in combat thanks to those couple points they put into Sword or whatever. So if they were already rolling a bit high, removing the Skill stat actually only leaves then about 7.5 points low. Next, lets remove the GM's, sorry, the Director's, requirement to roll 2d6 and instead just use the opposition's Skill score as their Combat Strength. This will speed combat up a bit and the player's 2d6 is brings enough of a random element that the GM's dice won't be missed. So now the player will only be rolling, on average 0.5 too high, you could say that's negligible and just start playing, but there a simple fix for that too. In AFF if both combatants roll the same it is considered a draw and no-one takes any damage, if we just swap that to monsters win ties, that accounts for the last 0.5 and we are done. So, - Drop the Skill stat for PCs, instead players roll d6+6 at character generation to find out how many Skill points they have to spend. - NPCs and monsters still use the Skill score as a catch-all ability rating. - Skill tests are now 2d6 + a relevant Skill, 8+ passes. - Combat is a Skill test for the PC with a difficulty equal to the opponent's Skill. If the player succeeds they do damage, if they fail they take damage. (Finally: If you want to keep the randomness up in combat and you don't mind mixing in another dice, have the player roll 1D12+Skill rather than 2D6.)
I’ve finally started reading Berserk. An inspiration for Kingdom Death and many of the D&D campaigns I’ve played with Brendan. I’m only a couple issues in to big collection I picked up, but it’s really quite bonkers and violent. I love it.
😊 Aaron Griffin @ 2019-05-18 13:34:30
I know folks here are often in a fantasy/D&D space, but I'm looking towards a modern weird-science, monster hunting style of game in the near future. What are some of your favorite works, blog posts, pieces of advice, or whatever that would fit this type of game? Share everything, nothing is dumb!
😊 ktrey parker @ 2019-05-17 15:04:30
Happy Friday again everyone! I hit a nice milestone today, I'm finally at fifty (50!) Forest Hexes, so I'm halfway to 100 for this terrain! Hope they prove useful for any weekend gamings! I might celebrate by looking into some options to get a version of these into the physical world somehow (that'll get me to finally finalize some of the layout stuff)!
😊 Anne Hunter @ 2019-05-17 04:28:41
I liked Ynas Midgard's collection of blogposts from early 2019: My favorite link from his collection is Bearded Devil's explanation of how he runs his Baroque-maximalist campaign:
😊 Bruno Bord @ 2019-05-16 20:49:42
In case you wanted it: here is M20 Fifth, Adamantine Edition, extracted as Markdown. Anybody can now start to translate it in their language ; I'd think it'll be fair to keep your translations under the terms of the OGL.
😊 Brian Ashford @ 2019-05-16 10:09:50
Enemy spellcater help: When you are GMing, how do you deal with monsters with spell casting abilities? There's a bunch in Yoon Suin which list "Spells as 8th level Cleric" or similar in their description, and that seems like a lot to suddenly cram into your head at the start of a fight. I had a list of spells from Wonder & Wickedness which I wanted to use so I've been picking from that but I've used them all now so I'm wondering if anyone has good way of dealing with this that are easy but not repetitive.
😊 Jensan Thuresson @ 2019-05-15 19:11:27
Is there a way to unregister?
Hi all, I'm considering going to UK Game Expo in Birmingham at the end of may. Is anyone here familiar with this convention? Is it worth visiting? How is the RPG content there? Any noteworthy OSR author/editor?
😊 Odysseus Jones @ 2019-05-13 20:53:38
Here is the second playtest we did, where I had to GM an impromptu headball β€œsoccer” game. And thanks to Christian, I need to come up with some rules on cumulative chances of being recognized by the cops. Lol. Karshemis Playtest 5/8/2019 Players - Characters Fiona - Goddess Chants Llumn the Beyakul cultist/sorceress Christian - Marlowe the Warrior Jarrett - Sil Treacle the Not-So-Bright Thief Jarrett - Greas Mazat the Not-Bright-Either Wizard Absent but in the background: Angus - Pazuzu the Pygmy Bardaree - Waamuu, cleric of Beyakul Plot: When last we left our β€œheroes” they had knocked out a thief and had acquired another body to dispose of. They found an abandoned warehouse to eat the body and kill and eat the thief. While in the warehouse, they meet a wizard who says the unconscious thief is a buddy and they really shouldn’t eat him. They decide that one body is enough for a night anyway and the thief eventually gets woken up. After some reconciliation, the wizard, Greas Mazat, and the thief, Sil Treacle, decide to join the party. They explain that they are from another dimension and have been teleported here somehow. After partaking of the holy meal blessed by Llumn and Waamuu, they pass around the wineskin and fall asleep. The next morning, they awaken to the sounds of pigeons cooing overhead, street vendors outside hawking their wares, people talking, and kids playing Headball (their version of soccer). The PCs leave the warehouse and Marlowe asks to play them two-on-two. At first, the urchins were hesitant, but after discussing it, they spoke up: β€œYou really wanna play against us, old man?” Soon, the match was on with the street urchins quickly and easily scoring the first point. They laughed and let their guard down a bit. This time, on the next reset, Marlowe was able to kick the ball directly into the opposing player’s head, knocking him unconscious. This caused quite a commotion. Llumn tried to use this chance to proselytize the dazed teenager. Greas used the distraction to cast ward portal on their team’s goal. After subbing in a new player, Marlowe quickly scored two more points putting the score 2-1. This did not please the kids, who went and got their older brothers, cousins, and friends to sub in come half time. A crowd had gathered with some of the party paying them off to be their supporters. Chants of β€œHyenas! Hyenas!” came from the party’s fans. While the street urchins and their parents, friends, and families shouted β€œOdoyles rules! Odoyles rules!” Despite many opportunities, the frustrated Odoyles could not make it in the goal - thanks to the clever use of the ward portal spell. Soon, the score was 3-1 and the hometown crowd began to get ugly. A few rocks and a lot of fruit were thrown at Marlowe. A couple of stones struck him in the head. This just caused the warrior to dig deep and score again. With the score 4-1, the crowd was becoming furious, especially with all of their shots mysteriously unable to go into the goal. Unfortunately for the party, the ward portal spell expired and the luck of the Odoyles had changed. They quickly scored twice and the game was now 4-4. At the final reset, Marlowe sent it into the goal and the furious game ended 5-4. This caused an uproar. The locals began throwing stones at the Hyenas. Marlowe responded by grabbing a kid swinging him by the ankles into an older, larger teen. Knocking out the older one and killing the younger. Fights broke out everywhere as the riot was becoming deadly. The sound of whistles could be heard and soon the City Guards were called in to quell the rioting. Clubbing anyone within their grasp, one of the guards notices the two pale skinned party members and begins shouting at the other guards to grab them. They were making a bloody beeline for the party who soon decide discretion is the better part of valor and hightail it out of there. They luckily make it out of the neighborhood and soon get directions from a friendly prostitute to the rumored general area of the Temple of Beyakul. To get there though, they would have to go through the Great Bazaar. At the crowded Great Bazaar, they are quickly accosted by a pushy brass lamp vendor. After telling him no multiple times, they make it to a knifemaker who claimed to be the fourth best in the city. Marlowe, the unhinged warrior, decides to check out the sharpness of the dagger by stabbing it in the foot of the knifemaker. This caused an immediate panic in the Bazaar with angry vendors yelling immediately for the City Guards who come much, much quicker when called on by people with money. Whistles are blown and the guards come from everywhere. The party disperses yet again (although they were already inching away from Marlowe when they saw him get that look in his eyes). With some quick thinking and a whole lotta luck, Marlowe soon escapes the guards and joins up with the rest of the party outside of the Bazaar on the northwest side. They soon pay off another beggar for info on the whereabouts of the Temple of Beyakul. For extra coin, they convince him to guide them as close as he would be willing to go, which happened to be Rothgar’s Armaments. By the time they made it to Rothgar’s, it was evening and some members of the party turned on the poor beggar and began humiliating him, pushing him down. For an emaciated man, he was much quicker than they expected and he quickly ran away only to turn around and yell obscenities at them from a safe distance before disappearing into the night. TO BE CONTINUED...
😊 Odysseus Jones @ 2019-05-13 20:50:46
Here is the first play test we did of my OSR Bronze Age Mesopotamia-ish, Assyrian-ish Mega City. Karshemis Playtest 5/1/2019 Players - Characters: Fiona - Goddess Chants Llumn (Wizard) Bardaree - Waamuu (Cleric of Beyakul) Angus - Pazuzu the cannibalistic pygmy (Halfling) Christian - Marlo (Warrior) The Setup: Goddess Chants Llumn and Waamuu, a priest, are both followers of the Hyena headed goddess, Beyakul. They are on their way to the great city Karshemis to seek out a holy temple when they meet a pale pygmy from the north. They call the pygmy, Pazuzu, since his native name is gibberish. They decide to adopt the pygmy since he also has a taste for human flesh. And besides he’s kind of a cute little fellow, what with his sharp teeth and sunburned skin and all. Not long afterwards, they come across a fellow traveler, the warrior Marlo who, while a non believer, is still rather nefarious and willing to do some of the dirty work. The Play: The PCs entered the city through the Northern Gate where their weapons were peace tied and sealed. Shortly thereafter, a City Guard stops them and hassles the pale pygmy, Pazuzu despite his shortsword being plainly peace tied. He lets him know he’ll be keeping an eye on him. Not long after being profiled, the PCs stop to watch a snake charmer. Pazuzu picks up a rock and pelts the charmer during his act, causing the cobra to strike the poor man. The cobra escapes its basket and the people scatter. The man is convulsing, so Pazuzu cuts off his arm and begins to butcher the poor soul. Waamuu attempts to throw a cloth over the snake but fails, causing the snake to slither under a house. Before the snake is completely gone however, Waamuu grasps its tail and pulls it forth, wrapping it in cloth and stuffing it into a helm. The commotion has caused the guards to appear and the previous guard recognizes Pazuzu. The party flees through the alleyways, with Pazuzu hiding in Marlo’s backpack. Soon they come to an overturned pomegranate cart blocking the path. Goddess Chants Llumn attempts to steal a pomegranate while the owner and another man are arguing. Unfortunately, the vendor sees her and yells at her that he has suffered enough loss for the day, much less someone stealing his fruit. Llumn calms the man down and the party scoots past the cart. After passing some graffiti covered walls featuring dogs, the party is stopped by an ebony skinned young nobleman from the highly cultured cities to the southwest. The young nobleman politely states that they are lost and would like directions to the Biblioteca. Pazuzu pops out from Marlo’s backpack speaking his native tongue to the young man. The man’s enormous armed guards quickly point their spears at him, but the young nobleman laughs and begins speaking to Pazuzu in a similar tongue. He informs Pazuzu that there are similar tribes to his in the southern jungles. Pazuzu is surprised of this and states that his people are a forest people from the north. There is no mistaking that the dialects are similar although a few things do not translate well. Llumn informs the young man about their religion and hyenas, which the curious young man finds fascinating. He is very knowledgeable about hyenas and pulls from his warrior’s pack a scroll with a written language and beautiful paintings of hyenas and other animals. Llumn is surprised at such learning and the fact that he has a written language different than cuneiform. He states that his name is Barak and that β€œA king’s words will only last during his lifetime. The words of a poet will echo throughout eternity.” The party soon finds a beggar to lead them all to the great library, the Biblioteca. However, once they reached the Great Bazaar, the Crossroads of the World, they lose their guide amidst the chaotic crowds. Vendors attempt to sell them their wares and one man attempts to buy Pazuzu, offering five silver for the rare pygmy. Despite, Pazuzu’s objections, the party negotiates with the man who counters with five silver and two goats. The party decides not to sell their fellow member despite the generous offer. Now lost with no guide, the party comes across a one eyed, one eared, one handed beggar who agrees to lead them to the Great Library, the Biblioteca. With hands on the beggar’s shoulder, the party eventually makes their way to the Biblioteca, where Barak bids them thanks and farewell and enters the large building. Llumn learns that the beggar is a war veteran who states that the problem with using a sword is that they cut both ways. Llumn decides to employ the beggar as a spy and he gives them advice to stay well clear of the Jovial Djinn Inn. Night falls and the party is looking for an abandoned building when they spy a thief creeping out of a window. They chase him down and beat him unconscious, then tie him up. They carry the body through the streets looking for a place to butcher the poor soul when they stumble across three men dressed in fine robes attempting to dump a body down a well. Everyone freezes as they realize they are all murderers and soon the party states they will take the body off the hands of the men for three silver, which the leader gladly pays. He offers them a job and tells the party to meet him at the well next month during the full moon.
My copy of Silent Titans has just been delivered. Flicking through, 1. it looks really good. Thinner than I expected, which is no bad thing, given how reluctant I am to read anything non-essential these days. 2. I see that the OSR has far surpassed the original TSR and Judge's Guild publications in obscurity and circularity of reference: "Bastion, the city to which the Lord of Wir-Heal pays homage, occasionally sends 'officials', criminals or randoms... Check Chris McDowall's book 'Electric Bastionland' or, alternately, an early edition of 'Into the Odd' to find out more." heh. "an early edition." Suck that, future gaming archaeologists.
😊 Eric Nieudan @ 2019-05-13 14:22:52
Today in Lunchtime Dungeons: Changing their minds after last session, the players elected not to go through the map I'd just prepped. Instead, they went in another direction and got into a fight with a bunch of birdfolk wights to verify a myth about giant trees sometimes hiding portals into other worlds. And activated said portal, going I have not the faintest idea where... The good news: tonight I get to air my Planescape books :)
In the new Savage Worlds pdf, there is an illustration at the end of the index that I was not expecting and which nearly overwhelmed me with the feels at the table today...
Bayer execs looking through Monsanto memos: β€œthere’s like 6 months of correspondence here that’s just maniacal laughter and coughing. Is it in some kind of corporate code?”
Today I met the father of one of my daughter's friends. He was bright red and round and covered with tattoos. I invited him in for coffee. He said: "Imma wait by my car." His car was a metallic olive drab 1970 Dodge Bicep, with two after-market gunmetal air intakes on the bonnet. It took 6 tries to start, and when it did, it sounded like an asthmatic mudslide. He had a horizontal frown line between his eyebrows, like he was in the habit of headbutting rhinoceroses. He waited by his car. His daughter fled to it apologetically, after she'd finished singing "Somebody to Love" in Rockband. I thought: "if that's how you feel, why did you ever let your daughter come on this playdate?" Foreign is never white.
😊 Alistair Langsford @ 2019-05-11 22:46:09
Finally remembered what this website is called! Good to see it is going strong, and that it still has a nice clean uncluttered look. Have been going back to reading blogs as most social media (for me, at least) is becoming tiring and tiresome. Signal to noise generally quite low.
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-05-11 10:14:20
FEATURES TO SUPPORT GAME CREATION Hey lasagna-eater (like lotus eater, but less dreamy, and more satisfied)! Since we finally hit the season and critical mass to start writing game content here, what do you need to make your game jamming better? (die rollers coming soon)
😊 E.T. Smith @ 2019-05-10 21:57:12
A howl to spite the silence.
😊 Nathan Treme @ 2019-05-10 17:23:47
I started writing this for the 200 word rpg contest. It's at 133 words by their counter. 99 words by other counters. It's just a bare bones system that uses d4s. It uses some mexican slang. A Cuate is a close friend. I have been thinking of setting some adventures in a sort of mythical Mexico based on places I lived as a child: Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Yucatan. Here it is laid out in business card format: CUATES MAKE A CUATE Roll 4d4 for each stat. STR, DEX, INT. Roll d4 for Defense. Start Unarmed. ADVANCEMENT Stat and Defense points cost 25XP. Complete an adventure for 50XP. RESOLUTION If an action's outcome is uncertain, roll 4d4 under the relevant stat to succeed. Roll 5d4 if disadvantaged. Roll 3d4 if you have an advantage. WEAPONS Unarmed: Damage=1 Pirata: Damage=1d4 Cost=10XP Chido: Damage=2d4 Cost=25XP Genial: Damage=3d4 Cost=50XP ENEMIES Facil Stats=9 Defense=2 Damage=1d4 XP=5 Dificil Stats=11 Defense=3 Damage=2d4 XP=10 Cabron Stats=14 Defense=5 Damage=3d4 XP=15 COMBAT Use STR for melee, DEX for ranged. Roll damage on success. 0 Defense = Death
😊 Scott Martin @ 2019-05-10 13:55:29
Hope all are well. Consumed with work so there's only room for the hardest core Glorantha fandom, where I see an auto-transcribed con transcript that's completely broken down into an oracular mode. If mythology is a disease of language, what is deep gaming? How does it differ from MMF spam or angelic conversation? [01:01:43] OK. And they may all be so implanted in space. Yes. I'm not telling you the planet is specifically. The. Motivation for Rollerball. OK. The Jeanette's there's people there a are privy there's the there's air there's there's some more there's full worse still here. How bad is that. The more we speak just because the band is somewhere so that we the whole. Indeed that was like an. So Poppy just before. That's. The. [01:03:00][76.4]
😊 Christian Buggedei @ 2019-05-10 08:30:42
Everyone here will appreciate the Goat Larp:
I'm really looking forward to Game of Thrones being over so we can talk about its colonialist tropes. Because hoo boy.
😊 Matthew Adams @ 2019-05-09 22:15:27
This is brilliant
😊 Brian Ashford @ 2019-05-09 22:10:48
I saw that the 200 word RPG challenge is coming back and it got me wondering if I could condense my ultralite adventure game HitDie down to 200 words. 300 words wasn't too hard, but 200 took a while: HitDie (199) Adventurers: - A Name, - A Class: o Fighter o Thief o Cleric o Mage o Ranger o Etc - A HitDie rating ability level and health: o D4 Novice o D6 Adventurer o D8 Hero o D10 Legend o D12 Demigod If an adventurer’s action is in question, roll HitDie. GM considers if action is within the remit of their class and if they are prepared. - If both, roll twice, take highest - If only one, roll once - If neither, roll twice, take lowest Targets for success: - 3+ Easy - 4+ Standard - 5+ Hard - 6+ Extreme For opposed character: both roll, highest wins. If dangerous actions fail, step down the HitDie. If stepped down below D4, the character is unconscious, dead or similar. Combat is a series of opposed, dangerous tests. Spells require a test. Difficulty negotiated according to intended effect. If failed, player takes damage, or the spell fails. Damage is recovered with rest. Monsters have a HitDie and function like adventurers. Their descriptors may add bonus or penalty dice to rolls. - Goblin D4 (sneaky) - Soldier D6 (disciplined) - Troll D10 (slow) - Elf D8 (spellcaster) - Dragon D12 (hungry)
😊 David Perry @ 2019-05-09 20:41:32
I'm kind of sad that there are now a million different tools to create random generators, because all the cool stuff is scattered about hither and thither. Abulafia ( ) has long been my favorite for various reasons, but there are some practical issues for it to be the central attractor going forward. However! Perchance ( ) looks like a good successor. It has everything that made Abulafia appealing, and then some. It even has a convertor for Abulafia generators. Behold my ridiculously over-detailed Strange New Tree generator, converted from Abulafia (only required a few spot-fixes): I think Perchance has the best mix of features that promise a really nice experience, giving it a shot at being the future Obvious Choice. Discoverability remains somewhat of a problem, but that can always be solved by something other than the tool itself.
😊 Roger Giner-Sorolla @ 2019-05-09 19:40:24
I just snuck two medieval warfare allusions into a peer-review of a theory paper by someone I have played D&D with, where I am pretty sure the action editor (from hints dropped on social media) is also geeky like that. Feels like some kind of goal has been reached.
😊 Bruno Bord @ 2019-05-09 14:11:52
Current status: Re-arrange M20 Fifth Adamantine Edition[^1] in Markdown[^2] in order to start its translation into French[^3]. So, how about your current status? ---- [^1] [^2] [^3]
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-05-09 06:28:49
I'm pretty sure most of you read SCC, but I'm going to share this anyway because I want to know what @roger thinks about this:
😊 David Perry @ 2019-05-08 21:27:37
So here is this! I made it PWYW mostly out of curiosity, but anyone seeing this should not feel obliged to $. Though it is kind of surreal to see that someone gave me money for something I made. I think this is the first time?
😊 Harald Wagener @ 2019-05-08 21:27:36
When a stranger contacts you on discord to ask you about Chthonic Codex ... I admit, I am Paolo's biggest fanboy (-: Game stuff tax: Spells for the School of Lies, anyone?
😊 Odysseus Jones @ 2019-05-08 14:07:17
Been working with some folks on an OSR city-set generator. My city is set in a Bronze Age pseudo Babylonian, Assyrian, Savage Sword of Conan-ish type mega city that is a large trading hub. Lots of random generators including a d100 random daytime street encounters, a d100 random nighttime street encounters, a random homing pigeon message table, rumor tables (both general and specific to certain noble houses, temples, etc.). Fiona, Christian, Angus, Bardaree and myself all playtested it last week. It was a ton of fun. If you guys want, I will post the playtest report here.
😊 Alex Schroeder @ 2019-05-08 05:48:03
As seen on Mastodon: "It's full episodes of Filmation's He-Man on youtube, and they are there officially." youtube-dl to the rescue. Looks like 120 videos. Remember that youtube-dl -U will selfupgrade.
😊 Bruno Bord @ 2019-05-07 12:13:11
mmm... yes, chemistry. That's the other thing it made me think of. * *
😊 Eric Nieudan @ 2019-05-07 12:02:01
I'm working on an in-game event tracker and organiser, that leverages the power of... sticky notes! Here's how it works: Write down every idea for an event or encounter you have and decide if they will happen Now, Soon, or Later. Stick them on the page and add as many details as you need - ideas, situations, stats, a random table... It is assumed that events are always in progress, so even a situation that is going to explode Later will have signs and portents you can describe to the players. When needed, roll d4 to see where and when something happens: 1. Now and Here (where the players are), 2. Now and There (somewhere else), 3. Soon, 4. Later. If you roll 1 or 2, there is a real situation the players should be dealing with. If you roll 3 or 4, move up the note of your choice in that area and work in a sign of things to come. Between sessions, review your sheet: add details to existing notes and create new ones as needed. I've used it in The Lost City and I've found it easier than my usual d66 table. I can have it in my campaign notebook, move the notes to the inside of my referee's screen as a reminder for next session. I guess I can start keeping post-it notes in my other notebooks for these commute inspiration moments. Any thoughts, lasagners?
add one letter to superheroes to improve them. I’ll start: Supperman Bathman
😊 Harald Wagener @ 2019-05-05 17:52:49
Going to see the third megadungeon in five days. Here's to hoping I will escape Mictlantecuhtli once more ... Update: I live.
😊 Christian Buggedei @ 2019-05-05 14:29:39 yep, that's the sort of player I know and love to hate :)
TILthere is a conservative/orthodox split among rabbis over whether sturgeons are kosher or not. I suppose coelacanths would cause a similar division. Dinosaurs are definitely not kosher, which seems a shame.
😊 Roger Giner-Sorolla @ 2019-05-04 08:22:37
"Man, my adventures are just not weird enough"
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-05-04 07:43:51
Hey friendo, I just want to thank you for being here and reading this, and occasionally posting. After the whole Voldemort thing something broke in me. It seems I'm not enjoying RPGs as much. Or writing. I feel emotionally detached from RPGs. I think it's because I had to start taking antidepressants because of what he's done. So I lay, uncertain if fallow or sterile. Seeing you here gives me hope. Maybe we can once again provide the fertile loam for good games to grow.
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-05-04 07:31:38
Flat earthers are weird. In a world where satellite pictures are easily available, time zones are easy to prove, and we send robots to take pictures of fucking Pluto, flatearthers somehow abound. Also you can literally see spherical satellites spinning around Jupiter (also a sphere with bad weather landmarks) with a cheap telescope. But this morning it dawned on me that they just do not understand gravity. How does a flat earth gravitate normally to its surface? Also none of them has a degree in physics, I guess.
😊 ktrey parker @ 2019-05-03 22:11:29
Happy Friday all! Have some more Forest Hexes:
😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-05-03 19:25:48
From the That's Gameable department: NASA STARTS PREPARING FOR ARRIVAL OF HUGE ASTEROID NAMED 'GOD OF CHAOS' Hmm, all sorts of things could happen on that close approach!
😊 Andrew Walter @ 2019-05-03 15:30:01
Half-baked, hungover and maybe unpopular statement: I think one of the best things an absolute beginner DM can do to improve their DMing is to run the same system for a while (possibly for a series of one shots), trying to stick to RAW for the first few sessions at least. Thoughts?
😊 Brian Ashford @ 2019-05-02 21:04:36
There's a sale on over at the DM's Guild which gives 15% off PDF *and print*. Does anyone know if there is anything worth buying?
😊 Bruno Bord @ 2019-05-01 20:57:09
Discussion topic: Pits & Perils for Middle-Earth adventures, yay or nay? The resolution system would just work, and the Wilderness rules are perfect IMHO. My guess is that we may need to: * Limit access of magic to Elves only (No more Alchemist, at least, and maybe forbid Human Clerics/Wizards unless valid reasons), * Remove some "Hollywoodian" spells that don't fit the Tolkien type of magic, * Create a Ranger class of something equivalent, * Hill Dwarves would get rid of this fake beard and get their true name back (H----TSsses) * Treasures... shall we lower down the probablity to contain magical items? * Drop Spell scrolls, and challenge the idea of magical rings, maybe they're too powerful, but also one of the only Magic manifestation in Tolkien is through objects. * Artifacts... mmmmm same question as above. * Wands ans staves... ditto. What do you think?
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-05-01 19:07:25
Links should work, let me know if they do not or if you find something fishy!
A super-cheery new background for the wonderful Troika! RPG: **Woe Singer of the Forlorn Chantry** With a sad visage of tear-streaked blue, and swathed in black grief-cloth, you sing the misery of the Forlorn Order, painfully beautiful in its bleakness. Your god has passed, and all must feel your sorrow and heartache. **Possessions** Mournful robes of a burdensome ebony velvet Raven-wing coronet Basalt jar of azure face powder A dull black dagger **Skills** 3 Second Sight 3 Spell - Canticle of Sorrows 2 Spell - Darkness 2 Spell - Befuddle 1 Weapon Fighting: Dagger 1 Sleight of Hand 1 Sneak **Spell - The Canticle of Sorrows** (3) This spell is sung like a gloom-laden dirge, and any who hear it are swallowed by a powerful sadness and an all-consuming despair. Those effected embrace defeat, become consumed by hopelessness and are utterly dispirited, causing them to surrender or withdraw to wallow in their ennui. This lasts until a more joyous song or sound is heard. Has no effect on the hearing impaired.
😊 Andrew Walter @ 2019-05-01 09:09:20
What are people doing with their copies of The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition? Anyone got any big plans? I'm still getting to grips with exactly how it all works, seems quite cool so far - although I'm always a bit wary of systems where you have a definite 'optimum' weapon/armour choice based on your stats. T&T is a bit like this too - there seems to be a lot of situations where you're making a bit of a shit character if you decide you want their main weapon to be a scimitar rather than a billhook or whatever.
😊 Scott Martin @ 2019-05-01 03:55:01
Trapped overnight in OHare on the way to a morning meeting in Austin due to "thunder," I feel like a Frank Herbert cardinal trying to broker a deal with an insane and phobic doge, or like the guy who arrives on every Jim Cameron planet to figure out why local security is having such a hard time managing the local life forms. It's weirdly claustro, it's drafty, the glass ceiling has sprung dozens of leaks they catch with plastic bins on the floor, I have a whole quarter of earnings to digest and I am going to be PROFOUNDLY off balance when I get back. But for now, my droogs, travel makes us do stupid things. Did you even know this existed? I will share.
😊 Eric Nieudan @ 2019-04-30 14:44:02
After twenty days (and maybe five months of game time) spent underground, my players have finally left Cynidicea! They've destroyed Zargon forever, installed a new king (who comes with his high level wizard vizier), and taken most of the city's riches, including its hobgoblin mercenary guard. Now they're back on the surface, and I got to describe the little surprise I had planned for them: it is snowing on the tropical isle of Mottra! I have no idea what they'll do next session, I haven't thought too far into what the new climate will change, and I don't have maps for this part of the island... I guess I have two evenings to prep, right?
😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-04-29 22:30:47
Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG often writes gameable material despite or perhaps because of his focus on architecture and urban planning, this is no exception. Feral Cities, Indirect Streets, and Soft Fortification How would you go about designing a feral city for a campaign?
😊 Handy Haversack @ 2019-04-29 16:05:41
We had a super fun session yesterday. I threw together a chimera lair because previous random encounter rolls had turned up a really bully of a chimera who managed to extort several items of power out of a badly wounded party when they emerged from the Monastery of Inexorable Truth. Chimera lair mostly based on musings on the extreme limitations of sexual reproduction. So when we freeze-framed, the party was far below the CALDERA in the TOMB OF THE SPACE HORSESHOE CRAB SCIENTIST HERO and have narrowed down the location without grasping the nature of the chimera's HYBRID BONE EFFIGY CRUCIBLE, which is where all that bass-heavy music is coming from.
😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-04-28 17:22:47
Newbies in the Temple of the Bat Serpent Just ran my first session in the Temple of the Bat Serpent for the newbie group using Macchiato Monsters. Details with spoilers in the comments
😊 John Feldman @ 2019-04-27 17:45:33
Hey everyone, I'm starting a play-by-post over in the Smoldering Wizard's Forum. I'll be using Whitebox: FMAG rules with some modifications. Play by post can be a fun way to play. It has its challenges but can be a worthwhile experience. Give it a look. Thanks.
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-04-27 15:30:05
On a train, migrating lasagna to a faster server, both in North America and Europe. Curiously enough, the server is in the only country that is both in North America and Europe: Iceland! Thank you to for the hosting. They are a bunch of really good people. It goes without saying that at some point the thing might start glitching badly because of name servers taking their sweet sweet time.
Why I still get emails from β€œINTEGRATIVE GIS-BASED INVESTIGATION OF THE MEDIEVAL FORTRESS ARCHITECTURE OF PFALZ, INCORPORATING PHOTOGRAMMETRY, GEOINFORMATICS AND LANDSCAPE ANALYSIS” Archeologia e Calcolatori, 2017, by Aaron Pattee & Armin Volkmann ....wait, what? β€œThe case study is composed of six defensive structures that served as key components to a larger network of fortresses built throughout the region of the Pfalz from 1050-1300 AD during the period of the High Middle Ages. All six structures will be modelled...” oh yeah.
😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-04-26 20:41:21
That moment you discover Pendragon of Mars is a thing that people have played. The inimitable noisms described it thusly: "Conceptually, the whole thing is a bastardized mixture of The Once and Future King, Viriconium, Dune and the Dying Earth, but with mechs." Just in case, you want to try it at home, some Monsters and Races with Pendragon stats: Pendragon of Mars Character Creation
😊 Adam Thornton @ 2019-04-26 15:35:03
I'm making this into a post of its own rather than a comment, because I didn't know it before and thought it was cool. As part of my _Tomb Of Horrors_ survey I read the 4E Tomb Of Horrors. I had not previously realized that canonically in 4E, Satan _won_! Asmodeus rebelled and destroyed "He Who Was" who is clearly "I Am That I Am". Pretty fucking metal.
😊 Roger Giner-Sorolla @ 2019-04-26 09:09:46
You down with OPD?? Yeah you know me!!
😊 Tore Nielsen @ 2019-04-26 08:10:31
It's disheartening when you're too lazy to even work on your hobby.
😊 Scott Martin @ 2019-04-25 19:15:47
This remains at the heart of just about every Mage chronicle I never bothered to actually run. For some reason (all flattering) it reminds me of our gracious host Il Greco. It starts with the metal guitar and Manzarek organ fill, then not even three minutes later it's gone completely bonkers, proving in the process that the Breton national front is in some ways the opposite of what we sometimes find in trad drum circles elsewhere. Local talent deployed for good reasons. Greg Stafford would've loved it, hatched a hundred weird Pendragon variants. Fly the ermine! Let the gunas revolve!
😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-04-25 18:29:37
I've converted the monsters from @Nate Treme's Temple of the Bat Serpent pamphlet dungeon for use with Macchiato Monsters. Original stats are in Knave format. UPDATE: my conversion can be now be found in the comments.
One of the many things which could be taken from Dawnfire is interesting afterlife/underworld and how it sets the undead. This setup is especially in a good contrast with 3.0/PF DnD which ties knowledge (religion) with undead mechanically, but doesn't explain it in-world much. There is Black, the true ruler of the underworld: 'kind-hearted god who protects the interests of children [and himself] is childlike in many ways; [...] whose souls whom he precedes over are treated fairly". I can practically hear 'We all fade to black' as the equivalent of saying 'ashes to ashes', which is why I can't think of such name as of just a joke. Black's undead are Living Dead: creatures of the underworld that never truly lived, and some spirits of the dead. Specter is a god who represents death, life, the boundary between and the balance of two realms. What is interesting, unlike in so many other settings, Specter is not a subordinate of Black, but equal, and given his responsibilities and more serious attitude, I can easily envision him being in odds with Black, as well as exasperatingly working with him. Specter's undead are Raised, once living who returned from underworld for various purposes, and occasional unliving creatures of boundaries. He also employs a group of, I guess, Reaper Knights, to serve as psychopomps or executors, which is good because these Reaper Knights presented as actual characters and you can, very probably, bargain with them. The last death god is Stealth, who is said to be formerly trustworthy god of safety and protection ('safety in Stealth' is another of possible in-world sayings), who committed a great but never explained betrayal (his worshippers contend that the situation was misunderstood) and now is the god of darkness, protection and death. Stealth is a contender for underworld, hiding in darkness, waving secrets and offering protection to anybody who seeks his help. He has enough power to prevent death, and if people don't want to die or on a bad terms with Black, he takes such people in (which probably doesn't help his public image either, given that to be on bad terms with Black practically means to be a bad person). Undying undead of Stealth are those who refuse to die, or afraid to die, or not even allowed to die. Why this setup is good? None of the gods is flawless omniscient boring death, and neither they are monsters; they have defined (and thus exploitable), often benevolent, characteristics and relations between them that might go from teeth-clenched teamwork to strange bedfellows to actual antagonism. Basically, factions, and it is possible to play one against the other or to ally with - and it allows players themselves to use their judgement. Knowledge of religion and burial rites actually means something mechanically as well, as each undead is of one sort or another and it can be discerned; eventually players themselves might gather enough such understanding to discern undead as the character in the world would do, by appearances and signs of burial rites. Multiple possible interpretation of whatever Stealth did, and his established but currently not strong enough ambition to get at least piece of afterlife for himself. Overworked Specter might have a job for adventurers in exchange of postponding their demise. Childish antics of Black could be antagonistic, despite him being fair and generally benevolent. It is a simple setup but I think it is good.
😊 Christian Buggedei @ 2019-04-24 14:40:31
/me finds that there is a dairy farm in Germany that makes proper cheese curds. I could make #Poutine !
😊 Jon Salway @ 2019-04-24 09:43:41
Here's a radical suggestion folks... How about keeping this as 'no photos'. MeWe has become much more visual and as a result, more of a click the link site. Here, people are actually saying (writing) things.
😊 Roger Giner-Sorolla @ 2019-04-23 22:00:16
Now you can run on a computer that is a lasagna. I ain't lying: All other computer builders have im-pasta syndrome.
😊 Alex Schroeder @ 2019-04-23 21:01:37
Blog recommendation if you're interested in generated maps, generated histories, generated wars, generated seaways, generating place names and so much more.
😊 David Perry @ 2019-04-23 18:47:05
Anyone up for giving me some feedback and light proofing on an intricate toybox puzzle dungeon squished down into trifold pamphlet format? It contorts itself pretty tightly so I want to make sure it's comprehensible by someone who isn't me. I'll put a link to the google doc in a comment on the off chance you don't want to be tempted and spoiled for some reason. Also, it's called... MOON COLLEGE OF THE SPECTROMANTIC OCULARIA so there's that.
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-04-23 12:56:52
# note to self use commonmark for markdown: * *
😊 Brian Ashford @ 2019-04-23 11:56:56
We had fun exploring Marlinko last night. The PCs, and all the rest of the occupants of the city, had been kept awake by serious nightmares so they hadn't recovered enough HP to leave the city and continue their adventures. Instead they explored the city. First they went shopping, stocking up on oddly reasonably price magic items from the stall of a travelling Ogre Mage. While they shopped it started raining blood. They then moved on to the Church of the Sun God and the Blood Jesus where they were told that the Sun God would soon be reborn and they were offered to eat from the body of the blood Jesus and handed a plate of raw meat. They were told that humans are made in the image of the Sun God and that the meat was donated by a devout follower. The PCs left in a hurry. Then they went to visit the tomb of the Marlinkan gods who founded this city with the creation of their own tomb. They too were supposed to return when Marlinko was the biggest city in the world. Did I mention that The Yellow City has just been wiped out by a tsunami? The magic users in the party could sense the power of the undead in the eight Marlinkan tombs. They left the tomb and found that it is still raining blood. They decided that it's probably time to leave the city. Running D&D on Easter Monday gets weird quick.
😊 Matthew Adams @ 2019-04-23 10:45:21
There should be a dungeon guardian that is a cleric whose job/calling it is to protect dungeon denizens against murderhobos. They pop up whenever the players start killing everything in the dungeon and they look like Angels and carry burning swords and stuff.
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-04-23 08:47:32
Went to the Kelvingrove Museum to gawk at Leonardo's drawings. Pics were taken, catalogue acquired. Yet another incentive for me to get moderation working! [edit: this is because we need moderation before we get images on the site]
😊 Scott Martin @ 2019-04-22 17:32:01
Ultra busy at the office so these Dune prequel audiobooks Ridgely keeps playing may actually end up killing me. Would pay for guerrilla bootleg parodies . . . right now Leto I is having his gap year on Ix seeing how the industrial proletariat live and I'm all, bring on Breakfast at Tiffany's of Dune where kids from the bucolic planets come to Metropolis for a look at the bright lights and end up changed. The twist: the Audrey Hepburn of outer space is actually a religious communist robot so the eating disorder is assumed. Leto Atreides: The Gap Year Diaries. For all I know this is Twitter right now. EDIT oh no this is just that Dune as Gossip Girl I've been demanding for years. Will no one rid me of this turbulent dream?
Hey y'all! Gaia writing! :) This is a test post. It is done to test functionality for registering non-google users. Nothing much to see, but we cared about this feature. Also, for now all non-goo users can't set their avatar, so they get MANDATORY LASAGNA.
😊 Christian Buggedei @ 2019-04-21 13:35:47
Using MS Publisher to make a three-page campaign spread for some RPG forum challenge. I feel kinda dirty...
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-04-21 00:35:17
I spent pretty much the entire afternoon chasing BS related to this site. Mostly because the internet is full of shit people. On the other hand I also binge watched the 5th season of Bosch and it was great. Three episodes to go. I'm now tired and will go to bed. Have a good one :)
😊 Alex Schroeder @ 2019-04-20 20:36:17
Sitting at the laptop, editing a podcast episode, and I get the feeling that changing the order of effects was a bad idea, so starting over! 😭 This appears to result in some consonants disappearing: Click Removal β†’ Truncate Silence β†’ Compressor. Last time I had no such problems. Back then, I used this order: Click Removal β†’ Compressor β†’ Truncate Silence. How weird! The more I do this, the more willing I am to pay somebody to do it, haha.
😊 Handy Haversack @ 2019-04-20 15:51:28
I don't know the video games but I did think this is a good look at Wolfe: Unrelated but hey, Saturday, this show is kicking some serious ass this morning:
Taking brief break from a project and reading through 'Dawnfire' (as in known heartbreaker essay Dawnfire) is much less terrible experience than I expected it to be. With the full text at hand it is much easier for me to understand the frustration Ron Edwards possibly experienced about the convoluted system it uses; the frustration is heightened, to me, by the extremely possible absence of an editor for the text. Good editor could have salvaged the book, tightening and organizing even this skill-infested setup and improving both stilted language and messy crossreferences, but I see no credit for any editor. Possible life lesson: don't skim on editor. Layout-wise it is better, again, than I expected (fonts are clear, the background isn't interfering, there are bolding/headlines, pages have some breathing space) but it is also almost a checklist to All Details To Pay Attention To: orphans, random alignment (justified in some places, left aligned in some others), messy indents and page breaks, commas pushed to next line, bad hyphens and so many other things; it serves as a good exercise to then go back to my own work and double-check it. Credits list two people for the layout and it does look as if they worked on sections independently. There is spreadsheet of gods. Curiously, people who uphold tenets of the religion, get free skills (per divine emanation, I guess), so in the absence of dedicated Cleric class, there is still unified something for each god, and each religious character can roleplay as cleric. Names for gods are strange, both earth-like (Vlad god of weather, Socrates god of thievery), descriptive (Fury, Midnight Dragon) and made-up (Reeber, Paebak). I wonder if Spawn god of Sin started from the comics and later transformed into less psychotic Slaanesh. Xannatism lists Saturday Nights (capitalized) as its holy time. One god has a smiley face as holy symbol. To its credit, Dawnfire gods are easy to remember, but the whole chapter occasionally reads as the longest in-group joke ever made public. DM called Fire Lord (FL). Hard to shake off the image of Fire Lord from Avatar dm-ing the session. Didn't yet reach famous bullshit mechanic, but the term is not in the initial glossary, to my disappointment.
😊 Handy Haversack @ 2019-04-19 15:34:20
Anyone have thoughts or experience with the Lankhmar stuff DCC is putting out? I had told myself no more DCC stuff . . . but Lankhmar! I'll probably get the sourcebook? Anyone know anything about the adventures and which if any are good?
The phlegmatic temperament is associated with the icosahedron...
😊 Handy Haversack @ 2019-04-18 14:11:46
Elias Stretch shared this on Discord: Immediately useful for generating structure for Thirty-Minute Dungeons. Or pamphlet dungeons. Gameable, @Mamading Ceesay!
😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-04-17 20:27:29
From the That's Gameable department: Researchers 'reboot' pig brains hours after animals died So how far away is this from "Brain in a Jar" technology? The synthetic blood was deliberately doped to block the possibility of the restoration of consciousness as the researchers were not prepared to deal with the ethical quandaries that would result. Oh and BrainEx sounds like an excellent supervillain name to me!
Paolo is the code for this up some place? Did you want anyone to help write stuff?
> Do you feel like one of your things with your adventures is not really explaining what’s up till the end? And even then maybe not really. β€” Me! I wrote about Silent Titans, Patrick Stuart's new adventure. In particular I wrote about how he keeps things mysterious in his writing. I am looking forward to he actual book. Stay tuned for a bigger review. These are some quick thoughts as I read the PDF. Till then, you should all buy Silent Titans. It continues Patrick's trend of not making anything that you have already seen before. He is so creative, and Dirk's art is next level.
😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-04-16 10:53:32
Shout out to Scott Martin for being such a gentleman and a scholar. I am in receipt of a care package from a certain peculiar parish and I want to express my gratitude and appreciation. Thank you, Scott!
😊 Handy Haversack @ 2019-04-15 22:51:02
Are +Boris Stremelin and +Joseph Manola here? They are given a shout-out by Gundobad in a comment on their blog:
😊 Handy Haversack @ 2019-04-15 19:40:53
Rough day. I am going to tell myself this fire was the accidental outcome of someone's trying to bring back Cerrunos to the docklands or achieve alchemical gold.
😊 Evey Lockhart @ 2019-04-15 16:34:11
PSA so when someone says, "men are trash" they're using the word "men" to mean the patriarchy, toxic masculinity this is an example of metonymy. other examples of metonymy: saying "the pulpit" to refer to the church, "the church" to mean the actual mass of believers "the sword" to mean a life of violence "suit" instead of legally theiving murdering bastards ... and it's like an element of language everyone uses and is aware of, even w/o a name for it. "not all men" shits are just grasping for authority in a deliberate and childish way I actually knew what metonymy was b/c Lit. Major, but had failed to recognise "men are trash" as an example. Until it was pointed out to me. also, men are trash.
😊 Odysseus Jones @ 2019-04-15 13:18:13
Thanks to Handy Haversack for pointing me in this direction. Hi, Paolo! Hope you are doing well!
😊 Harald Wagener @ 2019-04-15 06:25:04
So, at the end of the last session, the group accidentally jumped 169 years into the future. I ... kind of need to deal with it.
😊 Robert Freeman-Day @ 2019-04-14 19:50:55
Trying this on for size after seeing Alex Schroeder posting about it. Missing some of the G+ people that are seeming to be here. Wish I could divest myself from using my google account though. *waves hello!!*
😊 Alex Schroeder @ 2019-04-14 13:18:27
What are some gaming related podcasts you listen to? Right now, Judd Karlmann's Daydreaming with Dragons is probably the only one I'm listening to on a regular basis. I also listened through all the episodes of Michael "ChicagoWiz" Shorten's Dungeon Master’s Handbook. I've tried a few others but either their episodes are too long and rambling, or they are full of call-ins which are only interesting if you're in the community and following them all but I'm not... As for podcasts in general, this is what I currently listen to: - 99% Invisible is about design, architecture and the like - Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is about history, with very rare episodes, but each episode is about 4h long - Daydreaming about Dragons is the only RPG podcast I listen to on a regular basis - History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps - History of the Crusades - In Our Time is about History, Science and Philosophy - Revolutions (he did the History of Rome before that and I listened to it all) - The British History Podcast - The China History Podcast - The Dungeon Master's Handbook Podcast (sadly discontinued) - The History of Byzantium (picked up where the History of Rome left off) - Thinking Allowed is about sociology - What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law is about politics Podcasts I've fallen helplessly behind include: - The Ancient World - The History of WWII Podcast (the ads in the middle of the show started to annoy me and then I sort of stopped listening even though I really liked it) There are some more podcasts on my app, some subscribed and some not, but I no longer listen to them, to be honest. So perhaps they'll come back, perhaps they won't. All of this sponsored by my own podcast, of course! New episode out today:
😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-04-14 12:13:56
Having difficulty believing my eyes here. A Brexit-themed adventure, really?
😊 Alex Schroeder @ 2019-04-14 08:17:53
Feature requests for Lasagna. Gotta collect them somewhere. I’d offer to help if it was written in Perl. πŸ˜‡ Anyway, here goes: - post titles: i don’t need a separate subject but the first 150 characters or the first non-empty line, whichever is shorter; use the title in the notifications list so I know which post the notification refers to (I think G+ did something like it?) - thread muting: I like long threads and I’m aware of thread drift so I feel bad for all the poor souls that are now trapped in thread notification hell with me; if there’s a bell icon for them to opt out, I won’t feel as bad - no alt text for avatar images; I use paranoid settings for my browsers so avatars aren’t fetched and in that case the alt text β€œavatar image” is unnecessary (true for screen readers as well, I suspect)