Why I still get emails from academia.edu: “INTEGRATIVE GIS-BASED INVESTIGATION OF THE MEDIEVAL FORTRESS ARCHITECTURE OF PFALZ, INCORPORATING PHOTOGRAMMETRY, GEOINFORMATICS AND LANDSCAPE ANALYSIS” Archeologia e Calcolatori, 2017, by Aaron Pattee & Armin Volkmann ....wait, what? “The case study is composed of six defensive structures that served as key components to a larger network of fortresses built throughout the region of the Pfalz from 1050-1300 AD during the period of the High Middle Ages. All six structures will be modelled...” oh yeah.
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-04-27 13:16:27
Why oh yeah?
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-04-27 13:16:53
Pfalz is italianized as Palatinato.
😊 Richard G @ 2019-04-28 01:16:47
more like “hell yeah gimme those fortress-in-landscape models.” Sadly they’re not made yet... or maybe that’s an opportunity...
😊 Richard G @ 2019-04-28 01:20:11
and yeah, the Palatinate. Is more or less where my grandmother came from.
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-04-28 11:24:08
Oh cool!
😊 Handy Haversack @ 2019-04-29 13:53:43
"Sadly they’re not made yet" -- because something lurks in the dungeons? Something that does not care to be GIS modeled!

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