Today I met the father of one of my daughter's friends. He was bright red and round and covered with tattoos. I invited him in for coffee. He said: "Imma wait by my car." His car was a metallic olive drab 1970 Dodge Bicep, with two after-market gunmetal air intakes on the bonnet. It took 6 tries to start, and when it did, it sounded like an asthmatic mudslide. He had a horizontal frown line between his eyebrows, like he was in the habit of headbutting rhinoceroses. He waited by his car. His daughter fled to it apologetically, after she'd finished singing "Somebody to Love" in Rockband. I thought: "if that's how you feel, why did you ever let your daughter come on this playdate?" Foreign is never white.
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-05-12 10:01:48
Damn. I'm so sorry Richard. I really understand deeply what you mean.
😊 Richard G @ 2019-05-12 15:53:04
Daughters bring out a special set of boundary issues.
😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-05-12 18:23:28
😊 Richard G @ 2019-05-12 19:17:09
It’s a momentary annoyance for me. I feel for the daughter, who has to negotiate multiple difficult social settings. And yeah, I know I have it much easier than a lot of folks. But damn, American Whiteness can be a freakishly neurotic condition.
😊 Scott Martin @ 2019-05-12 21:38:10
If he's right you guys are fresh air for the daughter. Sounds like she likes to sing. My math suggests that damn car is older than he is. Thank you for sharing this story. It sounds almost like an anti-Garner where the "aliens" in the village truly are bringing a broader world that shames the locals.
😊 Richard G @ 2019-05-12 23:21:40
I’m feeling more like Annihilation, tbh.
😊 Scott Martin @ 2019-05-12 23:24:57
Some planes of existence are better off fixed.
😊 Donald Welsh @ 2019-05-14 15:08:02
Way to load the last word of a story with impact. Pure is poor.

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