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Here is the first play test we did of my OSR Bronze Age Mesopotamia-ish, Assyrian-ish Mega City. Karshemis Playtest 5/1/2019 Players - Characters: Fiona - Goddess Chants Llumn (Wizard) Bardaree - Waamuu (Cleric of Beyakul) Angus - Pazuzu the cannibalistic pygmy (Halfling) Christian - Marlo (Warrior) The Setup: Goddess Chants Llumn and Waamuu, a priest, are both followers of the Hyena headed goddess, Beyakul. They are on their way to the great city Karshemis to seek out a holy temple when they meet a pale pygmy from the north. They call the pygmy, Pazuzu, since his native name is gibberish. They decide to adopt the pygmy since he also has a taste for human flesh. And besides he’s kind of a cute little fellow, what with his sharp teeth and sunburned skin and all. Not long afterwards, they come across a fellow traveler, the warrior Marlo who, while a non believer, is still rather nefarious and willing to do some of the dirty work. The Play: The PCs entered the city through the Northern Gate where their weapons were peace tied and sealed. Shortly thereafter, a City Guard stops them and hassles the pale pygmy, Pazuzu despite his shortsword being plainly peace tied. He lets him know he’ll be keeping an eye on him. Not long after being profiled, the PCs stop to watch a snake charmer. Pazuzu picks up a rock and pelts the charmer during his act, causing the cobra to strike the poor man. The cobra escapes its basket and the people scatter. The man is convulsing, so Pazuzu cuts off his arm and begins to butcher the poor soul. Waamuu attempts to throw a cloth over the snake but fails, causing the snake to slither under a house. Before the snake is completely gone however, Waamuu grasps its tail and pulls it forth, wrapping it in cloth and stuffing it into a helm. The commotion has caused the guards to appear and the previous guard recognizes Pazuzu. The party flees through the alleyways, with Pazuzu hiding in Marlo’s backpack. Soon they come to an overturned pomegranate cart blocking the path. Goddess Chants Llumn attempts to steal a pomegranate while the owner and another man are arguing. Unfortunately, the vendor sees her and yells at her that he has suffered enough loss for the day, much less someone stealing his fruit. Llumn calms the man down and the party scoots past the cart. After passing some graffiti covered walls featuring dogs, the party is stopped by an ebony skinned young nobleman from the highly cultured cities to the southwest. The young nobleman politely states that they are lost and would like directions to the Biblioteca. Pazuzu pops out from Marlo’s backpack speaking his native tongue to the young man. The man’s enormous armed guards quickly point their spears at him, but the young nobleman laughs and begins speaking to Pazuzu in a similar tongue. He informs Pazuzu that there are similar tribes to his in the southern jungles. Pazuzu is surprised of this and states that his people are a forest people from the north. There is no mistaking that the dialects are similar although a few things do not translate well. Llumn informs the young man about their religion and hyenas, which the curious young man finds fascinating. He is very knowledgeable about hyenas and pulls from his warrior’s pack a scroll with a written language and beautiful paintings of hyenas and other animals. Llumn is surprised at such learning and the fact that he has a written language different than cuneiform. He states that his name is Barak and that “A king’s words will only last during his lifetime. The words of a poet will echo throughout eternity.” The party soon finds a beggar to lead them all to the great library, the Biblioteca. However, once they reached the Great Bazaar, the Crossroads of the World, they lose their guide amidst the chaotic crowds. Vendors attempt to sell them their wares and one man attempts to buy Pazuzu, offering five silver for the rare pygmy. Despite, Pazuzu’s objections, the party negotiates with the man who counters with five silver and two goats. The party decides not to sell their fellow member despite the generous offer. Now lost with no guide, the party comes across a one eyed, one eared, one handed beggar who agrees to lead them to the Great Library, the Biblioteca. With hands on the beggar’s shoulder, the party eventually makes their way to the Biblioteca, where Barak bids them thanks and farewell and enters the large building. Llumn learns that the beggar is a war veteran who states that the problem with using a sword is that they cut both ways. Llumn decides to employ the beggar as a spy and he gives them advice to stay well clear of the Jovial Djinn Inn. Night falls and the party is looking for an abandoned building when they spy a thief creeping out of a window. They chase him down and beat him unconscious, then tie him up. They carry the body through the streets looking for a place to butcher the poor soul when they stumble across three men dressed in fine robes attempting to dump a body down a well. Everyone freezes as they realize they are all murderers and soon the party states they will take the body off the hands of the men for three silver, which the leader gladly pays. He offers them a job and tells the party to meet him at the well next month during the full moon.

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