😊 Odysseus Jones @ 2019-05-13 20:53:38
Here is the second playtest we did, where I had to GM an impromptu headball “soccer” game. And thanks to Christian, I need to come up with some rules on cumulative chances of being recognized by the cops. Lol. Karshemis Playtest 5/8/2019 Players - Characters Fiona - Goddess Chants Llumn the Beyakul cultist/sorceress Christian - Marlowe the Warrior Jarrett - Sil Treacle the Not-So-Bright Thief Jarrett - Greas Mazat the Not-Bright-Either Wizard Absent but in the background: Angus - Pazuzu the Pygmy Bardaree - Waamuu, cleric of Beyakul Plot: When last we left our “heroes” they had knocked out a thief and had acquired another body to dispose of. They found an abandoned warehouse to eat the body and kill and eat the thief. While in the warehouse, they meet a wizard who says the unconscious thief is a buddy and they really shouldn’t eat him. They decide that one body is enough for a night anyway and the thief eventually gets woken up. After some reconciliation, the wizard, Greas Mazat, and the thief, Sil Treacle, decide to join the party. They explain that they are from another dimension and have been teleported here somehow. After partaking of the holy meal blessed by Llumn and Waamuu, they pass around the wineskin and fall asleep. The next morning, they awaken to the sounds of pigeons cooing overhead, street vendors outside hawking their wares, people talking, and kids playing Headball (their version of soccer). The PCs leave the warehouse and Marlowe asks to play them two-on-two. At first, the urchins were hesitant, but after discussing it, they spoke up: “You really wanna play against us, old man?” Soon, the match was on with the street urchins quickly and easily scoring the first point. They laughed and let their guard down a bit. This time, on the next reset, Marlowe was able to kick the ball directly into the opposing player’s head, knocking him unconscious. This caused quite a commotion. Llumn tried to use this chance to proselytize the dazed teenager. Greas used the distraction to cast ward portal on their team’s goal. After subbing in a new player, Marlowe quickly scored two more points putting the score 2-1. This did not please the kids, who went and got their older brothers, cousins, and friends to sub in come half time. A crowd had gathered with some of the party paying them off to be their supporters. Chants of “Hyenas! Hyenas!” came from the party’s fans. While the street urchins and their parents, friends, and families shouted “Odoyles rules! Odoyles rules!” Despite many opportunities, the frustrated Odoyles could not make it in the goal - thanks to the clever use of the ward portal spell. Soon, the score was 3-1 and the hometown crowd began to get ugly. A few rocks and a lot of fruit were thrown at Marlowe. A couple of stones struck him in the head. This just caused the warrior to dig deep and score again. With the score 4-1, the crowd was becoming furious, especially with all of their shots mysteriously unable to go into the goal. Unfortunately for the party, the ward portal spell expired and the luck of the Odoyles had changed. They quickly scored twice and the game was now 4-4. At the final reset, Marlowe sent it into the goal and the furious game ended 5-4. This caused an uproar. The locals began throwing stones at the Hyenas. Marlowe responded by grabbing a kid swinging him by the ankles into an older, larger teen. Knocking out the older one and killing the younger. Fights broke out everywhere as the riot was becoming deadly. The sound of whistles could be heard and soon the City Guards were called in to quell the rioting. Clubbing anyone within their grasp, one of the guards notices the two pale skinned party members and begins shouting at the other guards to grab them. They were making a bloody beeline for the party who soon decide discretion is the better part of valor and hightail it out of there. They luckily make it out of the neighborhood and soon get directions from a friendly prostitute to the rumored general area of the Temple of Beyakul. To get there though, they would have to go through the Great Bazaar. At the crowded Great Bazaar, they are quickly accosted by a pushy brass lamp vendor. After telling him no multiple times, they make it to a knifemaker who claimed to be the fourth best in the city. Marlowe, the unhinged warrior, decides to check out the sharpness of the dagger by stabbing it in the foot of the knifemaker. This caused an immediate panic in the Bazaar with angry vendors yelling immediately for the City Guards who come much, much quicker when called on by people with money. Whistles are blown and the guards come from everywhere. The party disperses yet again (although they were already inching away from Marlowe when they saw him get that look in his eyes). With some quick thinking and a whole lotta luck, Marlowe soon escapes the guards and joins up with the rest of the party outside of the Bazaar on the northwest side. They soon pay off another beggar for info on the whereabouts of the Temple of Beyakul. For extra coin, they convince him to guide them as close as he would be willing to go, which happened to be Rothgar’s Armaments. By the time they made it to Rothgar’s, it was evening and some members of the party turned on the poor beggar and began humiliating him, pushing him down. For an emaciated man, he was much quicker than they expected and he quickly ran away only to turn around and yell obscenities at them from a safe distance before disappearing into the night. TO BE CONTINUED...
😊 Alex Schroeder @ 2019-05-17 15:41:54
Wow, these players truly play murderhobos!
😊 Odysseus Jones @ 2019-05-18 22:08:54
Yeah, they are trying to break the game or maybe me. Lol.

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