😊 Anne Hunter @ 2019-06-16 03:29:02
Let's post links to our favorite maps and then talk about them https://diyanddragons.blogspot.com/2019/06/overland-maps-gridcrawl-chromatic-mars.html
😊 Roger Giner-Sorolla @ 2019-06-16 10:12:33
Although I never actually played in that world, no map from my early 80's roleplaying days blew me away quite like the Runequest Dragon Pass/Prax area map. It packed so much weirdness and detail into an area (does math) about the size of the state of Pennsylvania. http://www.saduria.co.uk/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/Map-DragonsPass.jpg
😊 Roger Giner-Sorolla @ 2019-06-16 10:18:54
And there is no arguing that for sheer Gamma World gonzo brilliance you cannot beat Kirby's EARTH AD map for Kamandi. http://nerdywithchildren.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/kamandi-map-earth-ad.jpg
😊 Alex Schroeder @ 2019-06-16 10:52:59
I love old maps such as this one: "Transylvaniae, Moldaviae, Walachiae, Bulgariae nova et accurata Delineatio, Magnam Partem Hodierni Theatri Bellici ob oculos ponens / opera et fumtibus Matthaei Seutteri, ... " – Seutter, MatthΓ€us (1678-1757) https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b84918315/f1.zoom I found it in an old blog post of mine. That reminds me, at one point I was looking at /r/oldmaps and /r/papertowns on reddit – such beautiful maps!
😊 Alex Schroeder @ 2019-06-16 10:59:15
I mean, things like this map of the Philippines: "Map of the Philippines at the end of the 19th century. From Harper's Pictorial History of the War with Spain, Vol. II, published by Harper and Brothers in 1899" https://i.imgur.com/YIptXD5.jpg Just the names on the map make me want to play there!
😊 Eric Nieudan @ 2019-06-17 09:10:05
I love the work of Arlin Ortiz: https://anywhichwayatlas.tumblr.com/ I bought his Roll20 set and used it for my Macchiato Monsters open campaign, but I could never manage to use the maps he makes. I don't know if it has to do with me or the maps...
😊 Alistair Langsford @ 2019-06-18 05:16:07
https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:17th-century_maps_of_Paris#/media/File%3A1630_Plan_de_Tavernier.jpg Probably the game that my friends and I played most often inthe late 80s/90s/early 00s was Flashing Blades, or GURPS played in the same style. Using a form of this map someone found a print of. We played it to death - the last time I saw it, it was falling apart despite the sticky tape. Many a good time adventuring in that fictional Paris.
😊 Alex Schroeder @ 2019-06-18 05:37:15
Surely appropriate for any Planescape campaign. πŸ‘
😊 Anne Hunter @ 2019-06-25 05:32:24
@Roger, From the Sorcerer's Skull posts a lot of maps from comics. His recent post about the Microverse of the Micronauts is pretty inspirational: http://sorcerersskull.blogspot.com/2019/03/maps-of-inner-space.html
😊 Anne Hunter @ 2019-06-25 05:34:25
@Alex, @Alistair, there are SO MANY good historical maps. One I saw in a museum that I really liked depicted every road/path as a line of pilgrims.
😊 Anne Hunter @ 2019-06-25 05:35:15
@Eric, oh good call. He hasn't posted any new maps in awhile, but those are really pretty. They look like collage.
😊 Eric Nieudan @ 2019-06-25 09:36:43
He's still active on Patreon. Scroll down for a super nice dungeon map: https://www.patreon.com/AnyWhichWaymaps
😊 Alistair Langsford @ 2019-06-26 04:27:29
@eric - those maps of Alin’s are lovely. @anne - i think it was playing Maelstrom, set in the 1500s in England, that got me looking at historical maps as inspiration. I used to make up pen and ink maps with my old school art dip pens. Then Flashing Blades took over as the inspiration. Mind you that was a long time ago now and modern tech and the internet make so many more of those old maps accessible.

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