😊 Christian Buggedei @ 2019-07-12 15:43:03
Working on the very last few table entries for Mail Order Apocalypse. This time it's the empty land between two machine-controlled cities. It's habitable, good and interesting land, except the machines have kicked all humans out of it. Sample entries: 15 a high speed maglev track. Lasers ensure that no vegetation grows near it. Animals (and curious survivors) are netted by attendence droids and released safely afar. 16 apple plantation. A large swarm of tiny pollinator drones is busy visiting each and every flower in a complex pattern. [...] 25 a recently crashed airbarge. It is obviously kludged together from random spare parts and still smoking. There are tracks leading eastwards 26 a large circle of train tracks, about a kilometer in diameter. On it is a train carrying oaken casks full of aging whiskey that has "travelled for 10,000 miles" 31 a combat bot and a dozen observer drones, doing weapon testing (various laser and other beam weapons, each doing 1d10 damage, but explode spectacularly on a rolled 1) 32 a target practice bot. It doesn't want to be incinerated and asks for help I need the 10 last entries... :)
😊 Evlyn M @ 2019-07-16 16:56:10
33 giant ants building structures and adopting anyone as a fellow ant. 34 forest of road signs. A old mutant with a pet lizard collect them.
😊 Evlyn M @ 2019-07-16 16:57:51
35 Giant dung beetles who ferment bio fuel in their dung balls and sell it to travelers.

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