😊 Jensan Thuresson @ 2019-07-26 06:43:47
Surely someone must have done ”hex” crawl using Carcasonne tiles already? Feels like a perfect gateway drug for those that already like tabletop games but haven’t tried D&D.
😊 Roger Giner-Sorolla @ 2019-07-27 07:51:37
Probably the Hunters & Gatherers set (forests, rivers, lakes, a few lone mountains) would be more appropriate than the overly "civilized" base set. South Sea is intriguing, but presumes a chain of islands connected by wooden walkways - however, the walkways can be rethought as trade routes.
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-07-27 11:31:46
I hexcrawled with random times from Catan! And a few of the 504 games are about exploring.
😊 Alex Schroeder @ 2019-07-27 11:59:24
Sadly, I never get to play 504. By the time we have read through the rules and figures out what god do, we lose all interest. 😭
😊 Robbert Raets @ 2019-07-27 14:17:34
I have thought about using Catan hexes to build maps. ( I also have Twilight Imperium and Star Trek Catan for Spaaaaace! gmaes.)

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