😊 Roger Giner-Sorolla @ 2019-08-15 12:38:59
A prof I know, with a 9 year old kid who speaks onlyt German and Danish, wants suggestions for a simple RPG system he can play with kiddo one on one -- either in German, or simple enough to translate the character sheet and any rules needed into German. Tone & content should be kid friendly of course. I thought of macchiato monsters but any other ideas?
😊 Whidou @ 2019-08-15 20:21:38
Maze Rats, maybe? It was designed for kids a bit older but it could work. There is a simplified version of Macchiato Monster for 8 years old children named Milky Monsters, but as far as I know it only exists in French: http://troplongpaslu.fr/jeux-de-role-court/milky-monsters/ The author's website says that an English translation is "coming soon", though: https://guillaumejentey.wixsite.com/rpg-and-art/blank-2
😊 Paolo Greco @ 2019-08-16 14:51:51
AFG is also quite small and it has a track record of being used with kids.
😊 Harald Wagener @ 2019-08-16 14:57:03
Alex SchrΓΆder used Labyrinth Lord /Helmets and Halberds with kids. The latteray be available in German, I don't rember from the top of my head.
😊 Alex Schroeder @ 2019-08-16 16:31:41
I recommend Hexen & Haudegen, a Lasers and Feelings variant. https://alexschroeder.ch/wiki/2019-05-14_Hexer_%26_Haudegen https://alexschroeder.ch/pdfs/Hexer-und-Haudegen.pdf As for Harald’s suggestion: https://alexschroeder.ch/wiki/Hellebarden_%26_Helme https://alexschroeder.ch/pdfs/Hellebarden-und-Helme.pdf
😊 Roger Giner-Sorolla @ 2019-08-16 19:50:57
Thanks, passing these on!
😊 Matthew Adams @ 2019-08-16 22:34:58
Have no idea about the game, bills itself as simple, aimed at kids, and is Danish https://m.ravnehoej.dk/?id=313354
😊 Adam Thornton @ 2019-08-18 18:22:43
Risus. A friend of mine likes "Little Wizards".
😊 Bruno Bord @ 2019-08-19 13:14:04
Lasers and Feelings have so many hacks and mods that it's impossible that you don't find the one you need: https://rendedpress.blogspot.com/2017/07/lasers-feelings-assorted-l-mods.html
😊 Alistair Langsford @ 2019-08-23 14:02:47
Knave seems pretty simple, without being trivial. I think that combining it with the tables from Maze Rats would possibly work well. A sensible ref could certainly ensure it is kid friendly.
😊 Duncan Young @ 2019-08-25 13:28:32
There’s a German translation of the 1pot 1 page RPG I did https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1MrYxvW8pyQdSbIZtwfsSI6a6CuFRgHgQ?usp=sharing
😊 Anne Hunter @ 2019-08-26 08:31:03
My German isn't quite good enough to fully vet this, but Angelzeit appears to be a relatively friendly RPG about a fishing trip, somewhat based on D&D, and the pdf is kostenlos. https://www.system-matters.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/System-Matters-Angelzeit.pdf

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