😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-08-29 13:42:25
Just came across @Roger G-S old Genre-specific encounter tables project: http://rolesrules.blogspot.com/search/label/genres I didn't see anything with a Dark Sun post-apocalyptic fantasy flavour which was a bit disappointing. Might have a go at doing my own at some point.
😊 Anne Hunter @ 2019-08-26 05:13:32
RRR is a treasure trove? Should we post our favorite RogerGS links? If I had to pick my favorite 2, I'd nominate "Vigilance" which is about boredom and attention, and "The Mediocrity of Improvisation" which is a defense of preparation. http://rolesrules.blogspot.com/2010/12/vigilance.html http://rolesrules.blogspot.com/2012/07/mediocrity-of-improvisation.html "Vigilance" really nailed a couple ideas home to me. The first is that, personally, I don't want to play a game that's boring because it asks me the player to imitate the behavior of a methodical professional who's inching her way though the dungeon, tapping every pixel with a 10' pole. The second point is about the relationship between player skill and character skills: "This kind of game assumes a certain amount of vigilance at all times that's a baseline for trap detection rolls, surprise checks, and other such tests of passive perception. It also requires the DM to hold the line and not let players achieve any greater vigilance even if they swear up and down they are being extra-careful. That chance to be surprised, to miss a trap or a secret door, represents the weakness of the characters' attention, just as the chance to surprise represents the weakness of their foes' attention." The "Mediocrity" post also speaks to me because I like using procedural generators to make the dungeon with the players as we go. But there ARE things that you want to generate ahead of time because they're hard to imagine on the fly, and this post says that well.
😊 Roger Giner-Sorolla @ 2019-08-29 08:55:16
Aw, thanks! That genres project is like 3 tables away from completion (the idea is to have 36 tables for a 6x6 die grid). Maybe I will take a final push these days.
😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-08-29 13:42:02
@Roger G-S that would be great to see! In the meantime, I'm liking the looks of Sci-Fi World for injecting some science-fantasy tropes: http://rolesrules.blogspot.com/2016/02/sci-fi-world.html
😊 Mamading Ceesay @ 2019-08-30 19:45:35
@Anne Thanks for the recommendations. I've just read the Vigilance article. Agreed that anything that brings in tedium and/or excessive bookkeeping isn't something I'd want in my game. The idea of modelling stress is intriguing though. I'm pretty sure Stay Frosty has a subsystem for that. Have been playing the latest edition of L5R recently and having my PC freak out because of stress has been quite entertaining and a great opportunity for dramatic roleplay.

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